Languages & Latin


Languages & Latin

General Introduction

With a number of different languages on offer in the curriculum and the possibility of more outside the curriculum, the Languages Specialism shared by William Perkin and Twyford will be cutting edge in its teaching and learning approach. This outstanding provision will be enhanced by a full and varied portfolio of extra-curricular visits and exchanges. The Twyford Language College currently runs 12 different trips and exchanges, and we are already working to create a similar variety of opportunities at William Perkin.

The languages offer at William Perkin will be similar to the outstanding opportunities available at Twyford. All Year 7 students at William Perkin study Languages every day, with 4 French lessons and 1 Latin lesson per week. In Year 8 some students will then become triple linguists, adding German or Spanish to their timetable. Many of these will go on to study multiple languages at GCSE and beyond (where French, German, Spanish and Latin will be available).


In Year 7 students learn to introduce themselves, to talk about where they live, their school, their free time and holidays. They will learn to use different tenses and will develop their skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, as well as establishing a deeper understanding of grammatical patterns.

Language lessons will be taught using the target language, and students quickly become confident at understanding instructions and communicating in the new language. There is a strong emphasis on the Twyford Trust Learning Disciplines such as memorising accurately, applying systems, discerning logical patterns, forming coherent arguments, speaking purposefully, writing cogently and exploring analytically. They will also use reference materials such as dictionaries, and deal with unfamiliar language and unpredictable situations. These skills enable students to become confident and effective language learners as they progress through the school.


For Year 7 French, in addition to lesson preparation after every lesson, students will receive 1 assessed homework task per half-termly unit. They will also have Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing exams at the end of every Quarter.

For Year 7 Latin, students will receive one assessment per Quarter, in addition to regular prep tasks.

Independent Learning

William Perkin CofE High School will encourage all students to take responsibility for their own progress. Students will be expected to complete preparation tasks before each lesson. They will also have access to a range of resources, including online programmes, which allow them to consolidate and extend their learning. All lesson resources and textbooks are available to students on Copia.

Stretching Students

The Twyford Trust’s close links with partner schools in the target language countries ensure that there is a rich and varied range of extra-curricular opportunities available for students. Teachers are passionate about the target languages and cultures, and there will be a range of regular extracurricular activities as well as the formalised visits and exchanges. Extended Electives in Languages include Foreign Language Media (Music, Poetry, Film, Literature, Art) and Wider Languages outside the curriculum (depending on teachers’ specialisms).

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